Mixed-Up Mundanity
"If you’ll be my bodyguard…"

I have almost no followers on my blog. That’s ok! If I wanted popularity, I’d get my own tv show. “Average Girl Doing Average Things” just doesn’t have the spark I’m looking for, though, so the show is on hold until a title comes to fruition. I went to New Orleans this past weekend and it was awesome. My sister had her 21st birthday on Friday night, so I was happy to take her as a gift. I have yet to see the video of myself on the mechanical bull, but am interested to take a peek since I haven’t walked the same since. I met a boy there. We ate good food and drank hand grenades and gambled. He’s in the navy and I felt very American just being near him. He and his friend were were our body guards. Sweet guys. They still have those in the world, apparently. I also saw some old friends from school. The few it was awkward to see were the socially wierd ones in the situation and drunkenly walked away. That I can dig. I also saw a lot of people I haven’t seen in quite a while. Many of them were dragged along to Pat O’Brien’s piano bar and I do believe a good time was had by all. None of this probably counts as interesting. An angry LSU fan spotted me in my Mark Ingram jersey after the game. He probably felt mixed emotions since Ingram is now a Saint. He did manage an attempt at an insult, though, “that red makes you look fat!” It was crimson, so I didn’t retaliate. I guess walking down the street was the mistake I made. He was personally insulted by my presence. Later, I giggled behind his back. I say I am all the time, but one should recognize that I am actually not fat. Average. I’m average in almost every way. The story is better than average because it really shows off the culture of college football fandom. Did you know that I have friends that are pretty likely to become famous? Their band is called Boom City. They recorded their own album and it launched on iTunes and amazon and the whole nine yards today. They’ll play in Birmingham soon, so that is fun. You should check them out as my musical suggestion today. Of course, I only have a handful of followers, so that may not count for much. Sorry in advance for my plug being a flop, boys. I wish I had a bowl of delicious ice cream with a high milk fat content right now. Random? Yes. Random is my essence. It’s a gift.